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Multi Daylight Press

We offer hydraulic presses for rubber moulding maximum 600 tons and in higher capacities in single daylight or multi daylight as per customer requirements .these presses are made out of tested materials, press frame is made out of tested ms plates, stress relieved after fabrication and machined for accuracy, hydraulic cylinders are made out of tested ms seamless pipes, ram is made out of carbon steels, imported seals are used in the hydraulic cylinder, reputed make hydraulic pumps and valves are used in the hydraulic system, shell and tube heat exchanger is provided in the hydraulic system to avoid temperature rise of hydraulic oil. electrical control with relays, olr, plc is provided for auto/manual operation of the press. platens either electrically heated type with digital temperature controllers or thermic /steam heated type.It is also supplied with:

• Electrically heated
• Thermal fluid heated
• Steam heated platens
• Hydraulic power packs with simple hand operated valves
• Electrically operated valves
• Automatic operation by plc

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