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Large Platen Moulding Press

We manufacture Large Platens Hydraulic Presses using latest technology and heavy duty giant hydraulic presses to contribute to the quality of rubber, plastic & composite materials molded products and sheet metal parts. Our presses incorporate advance engineering leading to features fast & uniform temperature changes within the platens. The platens of our presses are temperature tuned for uniform temperature obtainable. The press is used to manufacture products of flat structures and encompasses a variety of custom configuration parameters, to meet client's specific requirement.


• To produce Rubber, Plastic, Bakelite, Brake lining Ply boards, Particle Boards, Thermosetting Compounds, Roof linings etc
• Composite material molding i.e. FRP, SMC, DMC, Phenolic-Resin etc
• Conveyor Belts, Tread rubber etc.
• Deep Drawing, Pressing etc

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