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Hydraulic SMC/DMC/Melamine Moulding Press

Our range of Hydraulic SMC / DMC / Melamine Moulding Press has a compact design and is an easy to operate system. These presses also have a long slide guide with lubrication system that gives accurate results. Hence, these presses are most suited for molding of rubber fiber, melamine, etc. Our range of compression molding presses also has individual zone controllers and are provided with large platens. The operator interface screens are also available to guide close process control

The presses we offer are tailor made as per different industry's specific requirements. They can be used for:

• Rubber products (automobiles, medical equipments etc.)
• Plastic sheets molding
• Laboratory applications
• Composite materials moldings (Bullet proof Jackets, Helmets, etc.)
• Melamine Crocking Molding
• Ply board, MDF sheets, Particle Boards etc
• Conveyor Belts / V-Belts, Rubber mats / Flaps/ Tyres / tubes etc

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