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CType / CFrame Hydraulic Press

We are a well known organization engaged in manufacturing C- Frame Hydraulic Press. Fabricated using premium quality steel, the machine is appreciated for its Teflon-coated bilateral finish and can be placed in any position.

ISC TYPE, C-Type(C-frame) hydraulic press, strengthen C type body is rigid frame and the torque is the balance spread, it achieved at the completion of high rigidity and high precision.

Precision cylinder adds high speed early charge device. It can operate speedily. The "hydraulic power unit" put on the top of the machine. It also meets the C type body frame to highly reduce the occupied room by the machine. It can effectively rig the auto-system and elevate the production well.

The punching and pressing of our machine is suitable for complementary processions. in load, bending, stretching, compressing, forging

• Rigid construction
• Compact structure
• Durability
• High flexibility due to short retooling time
• Low maintenance
• High uptime

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